Our Story

The Story of the Uphoria Clothing Company

On January 29th 2012 a feisty Puerto Rican from New York, a cool brotha from Seattle, and a Filipino cat from SoCal. Fed up with name brands unwilling to change the status quo the group set out to create a clothing line that offers clean cut, dapper, sophisticated styles without compromising individual expression. 


After much deliberation, several slices of pizza, and a room scattered with crumpled up pieces of paper a light bulb went off and Uphoria the Brand was born. From that day forward Uphoria has been on a mission to give the people what they want, a clothing line that delivers high quality, clean cut designs with a fresh feel and street cred all in one.  The collaborative minds come from different walks of life and those unique perspectives help to create designs that are authentic and genuine with staying power.  Uphoria the Brand is not afraid to take risks and break the mold to prove being different is better than being “The Norm.”  Enjoy!